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Article: March 2016

March 2016

The March Girl pauses before a window on The Day of Clarity, arrested by the sight of feathered earrings as bright and exotic as tropical birds of prey. Her poodles wait politely, unmoved by the jewelry.

It is a pivotal day in the year, marking the first day of spring, and the last of winter. A day in which light and dark are felt in equal quantities. A day that stands like a tightrope walker on the razor thin line in time and space between warmth and cold. A winter coat and the first lace up heels and bare legs of the year express the conundrum this transitional day. 

As a Pisces, March Girl is a dreamer and a believer in the mystic. She has a keen sense of psychic intuition. She senses what strange and beautiful things will come floating in the spring wind while still chilled by the last shock of winter. 

Her poodles, born under a different sign, are children of the earth. Anchored to reality and a constant awareness of being unimpressed by other breeds. They keep her grounded, for she is a creature of water. Floating aloof. Musing, pondering, imagining. But they too know that change is coming.

Winter's veil is lifting. The zodiac calendar has reached it's end. Let spring burst forth and fulfill the colorful dreams dreamt in the last grey days of March. 


*A note on inspiration. Would you like to know where my inspiration came from? It was equal parts this coat and these dogs... 

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