Elle Fab'rik Rachel Zoe Raleigh The Sketch Book

I just did this print for Fab'rik - a boutique in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was such a fun project for me because I got to come up with the idea for this all on my own. No offense to other more particular clients - I always appreciate specific detail when starting commissioned drawings - but I must say it was fun to let my imagination take the reins this time. My inspiration for the drawing came from this lace pencil skirt I noticed in the Elle where I found the amazing Stella dress. I thought it was such a nice combination of femininity and structure. And I am also very into anything with a waist band right now. So once I had decided to work from the skirt, the rest of the illustration just sort of blossomed upward without any other constraints. A sort of psychic automatism for fashion illustration if you will. (woohooo art history!!) This tactic always results in interesting and unexpected quirks for me, and now that I look more closely at this illustration, I am realizing that I may have accidentally done a portrait of Rachel Zoe. Look how angry she is! to buy a print of this illustration, please click here!

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