Spring Shopping Ambush

The Sketch Book

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed the summery weekend as much as I did! This sketch reminds me of all the wonderful light weight clothes we are finally unearthing now that the temperature is on the rise. And also for some reason it reminds me how much I need to buy a see-through floral printed blouse immediately. But... sadly I must bide my time this week and not buy anything as I am still recovering from an epic shopping trip which blindsided me on Friday afternoon. I really had no idea it was coming, it completely surprise attacked me and all of the sudden I was walking out of Bloomingdale with "large brown bags" (none of which containing a floral tunic). But all is not lost, the Friday afternoon ambush did introduce me to my new love interest - the clutch by Rebecca Minkoff. Apparently this bag has been around for a while as it is listed under the "classics" on Rebecca's website, but to me it was so new and miraculous that I almost passed out when I tried it on. Best part - it comes with a detachable seatbelt. (long chain that can be worn across your chest). I wore my new seatbelt purse so much this past weekend that I have a neck bruise from the chain. That is dedication. Please stay tuned for a loving portrait of my new clutch to be posted in the next few days.

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