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Hello. I have just returned from New York and am going through the standard 48 hour withdrawal from the insanity of how much beauty and unpleasant dirtiness are coexisting together in such a confined space. I always have such mixed feelings about returning to DC after visiting NYC. I am at first awash with relief to see the soft colors of the monuments against the much larger bluer sky and the grass and trees and virginia license plates but then I catch a glimpse of the serious men and women of Washington for whom personal style and fashion sense is so very secondary and start to miss New York. One of my favorite things about New York women is their ability to dress like men but still look so fabulous and feminine. (Something that I, as a Washington frump, have not yet conquered). This sketch was inspired by a photograph on my current favorite blog written by garance dore. I don't know if it was taken in NYC or some other chic city, but it reminded me of all the women I saw over the weekend that I wished I could emulate (but know better than to try to as I would definitely look like Woody Allen in this outfit)

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