the final frontier

The Sketch Book

Ummm...... Stop the presses. Have you SEEN all the blogs out there????? No, you haven’t. That is not possible. I know I haven’t. I mean literally the sheer volume is just too staggering for even my excessive use of adjectives to convey…. And not just "today I made tuna salad" blogs, blogs with beautiful artwork and amazing photographs and legitimate insight into the world of fashion. Sigh... I am a little behind the times with my silly little sketches. I am going to go out on a limb here and say every thought you could possibly have has already been had and been blogged out somewhere. This is a defeating realization to suddenly have. Also a little bit liberating, the pressure to strive for originality is off now. But at least there are still personal firsts (and without blogs how would we ever share them so efficiently?) So here is something new for me. I drew without a piece of paper. Without a pen too! Crazy, huh? I know, I know, look at me all fancy with high tech my wacom tablet. This is a pretty rough first go at it (I got so worn out I couldn't give her any legs), but I thought I'd put it up anyway!

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