golden years of short shorts

The Sketch Book

Ok so.... I know I shouldn't base my life choices on "hot 99.5" but I was listening to the radio yesterday and the idiots who are always talking and not playing music were discussing when is the age when wearing daisy duke shorts is no longer acceptable. One caller chimed in to say she felt the cut off age (pun intended) was 30 years old. And this really got me thinking. I only have six good years left to wear denim underpants around in public! Or less.... I mean if this girl is calling into radio stations to discuss jean shorts, then perhaps her judgment is flawed. No, her judgment is definitely flawed. The end of tiny shorts could be sooner than 30! I must wear them as much as possible! Also... clogs. Clogs seem to be this year's answer to the crazy bad idea in foot wear. Last year's gladiator contraption is this years clog. But I actually like clogs. If you see me wandering down the street in tights, daisy duke shorts and clogs, you must promise not to laugh until I have passed.

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