I'm baaaaaack

The Sketch Book

Why hello. Did you miss me? I was at the beach and there is no blogging allowed at the beach. This is a rule I made for myself after I almost killed a sun bather while furiously walking and texting on the beach. Walking and texting (and therefore walking into other people) is something I do nonstop here in DC so I should have known I was at risk for textwalk attacking someone at the beach too. I had good intentions of relaxing when we arrived at the beach house and headed down for a stroll in the surf (what could be more de-stressing?) but failed to notice that my blackberry was still surgically attached to my hand. So there I was charging along at an Olympic pace replying to texts and BBMs when the offending sun bather appeared out of nowhere in the middle of my information super highway. As I tripped over myself to avoid walking on this woman's neck, I realized I needed a break from blogging, blackberrying and general connectedness. It was time to just enjoy the sunshine. So yes I successfully scaled back my computer time. This gave me more time to shop. I found myself admiring this Lilly Pulitzer cover up in the surf shop. I usually think of Lilly Pulitzer as a brand that never should have tried to evolve into the 21st century. It may have been the height of style years ago, but now its the uniform of frumps the world over. However, this long dress was so vintage feeling that I actually really liked it. It would take a very bold nonfrump to successfully rock this acre of floral. I wish Lilly had kept her integrity by selling only strictly vintage, over-the-top pieces like this one.

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