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Article: leaves!



the leaves are changing! all crisp and colorful and crunching in the cool air... delightful! and yesterday it was 90 degrees. fall is so confusing. you know, this is the fourth season of the year i've entered via blog and i'm starting to realize that this blog is just as much about the weather as it is about fashion illustration. this can either mean one of two things... a. i am incredibly boring (don't only boring people talk about the weather?) or b. fashion and weather are rather intricately intertwined. when you really think about it, weather is the most basic motivator for what we wear.... right?? so i'm not borring??? good. i just got back (four days ago... gosh it is taking longer and longer to recover from traveling the older i get) from a whirlwind road trip down to homecoming down at w&l with my amazing fellow geriatric 3rd year graduates and honestly the weather and how to dress not to be freezing/boiling hot was a constant source of concern and conversation for most of the trip. (partly because my friends and i are desperately trying to conceal our menopausal temperature swings from the spry young college students). but should have heard us, blazer? boots? tights or no tights? which will make us look less over the hill? we were so confused. anyway, enjoy the leaves and don't forget your thigh high stockings, its a bit chilly today!

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friday sketches

an illustrated reminder to strut your stuff this weekend!

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alexa chung


its pouring rain and freezing on this thursday morning, what should we do? talk about paris fashion week. or the resurfaced chilean miners....well lets start with paris.... this is alexa chung at...

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