leather and camel and shoulder pads oh my!

Inslee The Sketch Book winter coats

its jacket season which for me usually means unearthing the same old coat that i've owned for years. but this year it seems like that just wont cut it. there are so many new types of coats and jackets and blazers i suddenly want. move over black puffer, its time for some distressed leather and side zippers. i'm quite pleased that coats and jackets are getting all the bells and whistles they deserve. but simultaneously stressed out because my standard justification for buying a new coat (but i'll wear it over everything, its a coat you don't buy a bunch of them) now no longer rings true. and i'm pretty sure there is no good rationale for owning six coats other than the desire to have varying button choices. in other news, there is a woman on the today show who is modeling leather ankle socks. for now, i'll pass.

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