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Article: playing dress up


playing dress up

So some people lose their competitive edge as they get older when it comes to coming up with the best Halloween costume idea ever. I am not some people. I would be lying if I said I haven't been deliberating about my outfit since September, maybe even August. But in spite of my weeks of internal strife, I still haven't made a decision and its time to try a new approach. Instead of thinking about what I DO want to be, today I am ruling out all those things I DON'T want to be. Number one on this list is... GIANT PUMPKIN. As much as I respect the concept of blurring the lines between 24 months old and 24 years old when it comes to Halloween costume ideas, this one really is just not going to happen.

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holiday cards

they're here!

boxes and boxes of new holiday cards arrived last night hot off the press! i'm feeling festive already!

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The Sketch Book

partys heeereeeeee

I'm still soul searching, the perfect Halloween idea is out there just waiting for me to realize it. So for now, another idea I can officially nix is... SNOOKIE! As much as I love her to pieces ...

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