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oh my goodness oh my goodness! i am so excited!!! mrs. lilien likes my posting! look!!! this is the only thing - i mean it, the only thing - that could lift my spirits on this darkest of days. it is jury duty day for me. i have never had it before and it has provided me with hours of fretting and whining. really, i am a total wuss. i have been complaining bitterly for a solid week in anticipation and dread of this very day. not only did i have to ride public transportation to get here but this strange old man keeps trying to make eye contact with me. civic duty = a drag. so thank you so very much mrs. lilien, you doll! now this day will no longer be the day of jury duty, but will forever be the glorious day of the fabulous mrs. shout out! ps. sorry for no artwork, afterall there is no drawing paper at the federal court house sadly

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