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Article: People Watching


People Watching

Bonjour! I considered writing this whole post in french, but then i realized it would be much more of a mess than when Garance tries to type her posts sans translator. (and i might add, much less charming) but yes, this illustration is inspired by Paris-loving blogger, Taylor of shut up, i love that who shares a passion for these ridiculously amazing Louboutin flats and suggested the only really worthy environment to illustrate them in was Paris. I haven't had the luxury of spending nearly enough time in Paris YET, but the few times I've been, one of my favorite parts is (croissant eating aside) people watching. (because croissant eating is one of my favorite parts of being in pretty much any city on earth) So yes, thats what thats all about. I tried to capture Taylor's tres chic bangs too. If only my forehead were a tad higher and i could have bangs too... sigh, i'll never be french. and I kind of like my structured satchel I dreamed up. Maybe I'll become a purse maker. What is that called, not a cobbler? A demain! oh yes don't forget to buy a print!

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august calendar

loosen up/good old days

yes, i know, its another beach-lounging lady with a book two days in a row. #whitegirlproblems i just found this one in a digging-through-old-stuff session. this was from august of '07. i like h...

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We Love DC features Inslee By Design

Hello, Happy Friday! Well, its a very happy Friday for me, because today I woke up to find that Jennifer of TheFashionMagpie and fashion contributor to the blog We Love DC had written a rave review...

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