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Article: cards for cameo pr

cards for cameo pr

So yes, this is me. I decided the illustration I did for my ABOUT page really didn't accurately reflect my amazingly chic and glamorous lifestyle and it was time to show you what my office space really looks like. KIDDING! kidding so much. that is not me... Its an illustration I did for Cameo PR. Cameo is a NYC based boutique public relations agency that focus on up and coming accessories designers. President Malorie Kaye contacted me recently and we discussed how in her line of work she is constantly searching for new gift ideas for magazine editors. Rough life huh!? So together we brainstormed up an illustration - which later turned into sets of note cards that captures the workspace of magazine editors. Cameo plans to use these boxed sets as editor gifts. Cool huh!? Thanks again, Malorie for finding me!

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Katherine in Tibi

Hi... meet Katherine! Katherine is a financier-turned-flower-enthusiast with angelic strawberry blond curls and extreme dance moves. Also, it was her birthday on Saturday. And because I do not bl...

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all dressed in white

In the spirit of the approaching Valentines weekend, here is some love themed art. This is an illustration I did for Kristin and Reagan of Kristin Newman Designs - an event planning and design f...

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