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Article: happy birthday to me

The Sketch Book

happy birthday to me

so, as some of you know, yesterday was my birthday and i got a few questions about why i didn't do a birthday sketch of myself. come on guysssss it was my birthday. but luckily i have some wonderful and... very artistic... friends who did sketches for me. the world might not be ready for art this highly evolved. its minimalist chic with a nod to cave painting. i love them both, they capture me perfectly. Thank you caitlin and darg!

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mad hatter

i loved this photo so much - it seemed like it was begging to be painted! isnt that hat delicious? if i had one hat only, i think that might be it. and with that dress its just good enough to eat...

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daylight savings

positivity and light

These last few days have felt like spring and daylight savings means its 5pm and I can actually still see what color I'm painting because there is DAYLIGHT! So I felt like celebrating with this b...

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