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Article: elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor


A quick little tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. I always loved her - especially when she was a little girl in National Velvet. I was in my horse back riding phase and she had brown hair too... LOVE. Watercolor really doesn't do her beauty justice, does it? She has one of those faces that was just meant to be captured by the realism of photography. Its times like these (unforeseeable deaths of icons) that I am envious of bloggers who post photographs. Having to constantly draw my blog content slows me down! Ok now I sound a little bit like that 30 Rock episode when they pre-record a charity benefit show on the off chance that another disaster strikes so that they will be the first to have coverage of the event... isn't it tragic, the thing that happened, to the people... it happened to...

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Woohoo Rue

Hello! Guess what! Rue Magazine just launched its fourth issue about 30 seconds ago (I've been waiting impatiently refreshing my browser for it to upload) and now I can share with you the amazing...

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Fendi Friday

A Fendi spring look I love. In fact, I love all of the Spring 2011 RTW looks. They are Ready (for me) To Wear. Guess what I'm doing tonight... going to see ballet at the Kennedy Center! I promis...

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