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Hello friends! After I unpacked all my NSS stuff I realized there is NO way I could find another spot on my walls for another piece of art and all these beautiful, framed prints were just huddled together against the wall like orphaned puppies waiting to be adopted to their forever homes. Am I guilting you into shopping? Good... So the only thing to do was to have a sale! So, all the available artwork is listed in the Shopping Section of my site. And hurry on over, there is only ONE of each of these rare birds. I carefully selected each frame on an antiquing adventure and then had each print sized perfectly for each frame. So each piece is truly unique! Happy shopping... First up is "Fendi" and she is gorgeous. This frame is beyond. So beautiful, and quite large so this will really make a statement. Here she is in "an environment" also known as my house. See, isn't she striking?! And here is the ever popular, "Emily's Girls" inspired by the fabulous Emily Giffin novel series. This 18x19" frame is also pretty large so this piece really feels like a focal point when its up on the wall. So cute and fancy. Shop away! And "Frilly" one of my personal favorites. Shes a bit smaller and more understated than the first two. Very classic. Its hard to tell with my amateur photography skillz but the gold of this frame is a bit softer which perfectly suits the hushed tones of this illustration. Shop shop! Next up, "Glass Slippers" is perfectly adorable. Its only 10x10" in size. And this frame is so cool. I found this little wonder whimpering in a corner of an antique mart in Lucketts, Virginia and repainted it and with the help of my trusty frame shop, turned it into a beautiful, confident frame again. "People Watching" is also available. The studded edges of the frame go nicely with the studded loub's she's wearing! This oval framed "Hanneli" is also so delightful in its petite-ness. Only 8x12" it cannot wait to be tucked into the perfect spot on the wall of your beautiful walk in closet. and it looks extra cute with... Its twin sister "Navy Bather"! Ps. Don't you love this wallpaper? And finally "Strutting Stripes" is one 16x18" sassy piece of work. This picture does not do the lacquered black frame justice. But trust me, its shiny and really cute paired with this illustration. Shop away! Well, there you have it. All the framed prints are ready and waiting. Go forth and claim your little piece of the magic that was the NSS booth 1366!

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inslee birthday sketch


*ALERT* BIG NEWS: Introducing a men's fashion illustration sketch for the first time ever on the blog! proceed at your own risk... Two birthday sketches today! Above is Smith. He is my ever d...

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fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

Remember that episode of the office? One of my faves. Anyway... behold this cute little logo for the Urban Chic Fashion Show 2011 Urban Chic is my absolutely favorite place to shop in Georgetown. ...

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