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Article: sugar & spice


sugar & spice

Good Monday to you! So back in January I had my first real interview with  We Love DC and I was so clueless and unprepared. I don't think I even realized fully that our casual conversation was about to turn into a typed up interview and just babbled away happily. When asked who my favorite couture designer was, Oscar de la Renta's name popped out of my mouth. To be honest I hadn't really established any firm favorites yet. I now understand that my favorite store, designer, trend, blogger, artist, runway show etc are all things I NEED to know at a moments notice to be on top of my game in this "industry" so I've since established some opinions. And happily discovered that my spur of the moment ODLR response still rings true. Well, now I have reasons for having several, ever-changing favorite designers but when it comes to gowns I stand by Oscar. No one else creates gowns as romantic, as inspiring... as just utterly gorgeous. I could lecture for an hour on why this particular dress is amazing - I love that it relies on silhouette and a simple fresh color choice to celebrate the female form as opposed to a lot of crazy shapes or patterns or fabric details. And the model's tattoo adds so much spice to the otherwise lady-like sweetness of the look. I am usually pretty much anti-tattoo, blame it on the Washingtonian conservativeness in my DNA. But in this instance, it is the perfect accessory to this look. I found the photo on OscarPRGirl - a magical internet destination where people actually hang out with Oscar like its no big deal. If you don't keep up with this blog, I don't know what you are doing all day. You must have so much time on your hands. Her chicness keeps me captivated on a daily basis for entirely too much time as I always get lured into clicking through older posts (which then lead to watercolor projects). But I wouldn't have it any other way, shes too fabulous not to spend precious time on. Ok, back to work, but I wanted to share my new blog crush/favorite gown designer with you. Buy a print of the above illustration to keep a little bit of the ODLR magic for yourself!

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Hello! Wanted to share something a little different today - a landscape! I know, first a MAN and now a landscape on the blog. I am so adventurous. I haven't done a landscape in forever and it was...

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