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I'm so excited, I'm so excited, guess what today is! Its announcing the new calendar day!

as in the new CALENDAR IS HERE!

Behold a little glimpse of what 2012 has in store for you...

Can you believe how organized I am this year? It is ready and waiting for you so many months before 2012 is even on the horizon. I might just get started on 2013. But then again, we should probably wait to see how things pan out with the end of the Mayan calendar before I go to too much trouble...

Anyway, I would like to send an overarching thank you into the internet for all the beautiful images that inspired the new calendar. This was the first year I that read digital magazines like RUE and Matchbook Mag and of course so many wonderful blogs and used Pinterest to organize my inspiration sources for how I wanted each month to look. I used to actually tear things out of real magazines. I know, such a cave woman. This new method of gathering idea sources has done wonders for my inspiration. So, this ones for you, internet, I couldn't have done it without you.

Ok enough sentimental rambling about how much I love Pinterest. The Calendar is here, it is set up much like in previous years - 12 individual 8x10" pages packaged, illustration above, month dates below inside a clear plastic sleeve. I can talk about it forever, but it wont compare to actually holding it in your hand, so -  order away!

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