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Fashion Week Inslee By Design Lela Rose Lincoln Center NYFW September 11th The Sketch Book

Spending Sunday in this wonderful city was truly something to experience. the mood to me was a mix of melancholy, peace, strength and of course always creativity. i love that DVF took to the runway with her little American flags and that fashion shows "must go on" despite this anniversary. that is what makes New York. and to add to the emotional mixing pot, i got to attend my first fashion show at Lincoln Center, Lela Rose, on Sunday. Such an exciting day. The day when my internet world of fashion (hmm... I sound a little creepy) became the real world I was walking through. Twilight zone. Let me just say, it is SO different than just browsing the internet for my favorite looks from the shows. My usual experience is clicking through images until I find one that captures my heart and I know I have to illustrate it. But this was so very different. As the show began I was poised and ready, thinking study each look make sure you don't forget to mentally catalogue your favorite! and I was diligently memorizing coral swing coat... fitted top... etc when THE ONE just appeared and I knew I  could stop trying to dissect this artistic experience and let the beauty of this dress wash over me. the model (illustrated above) was literally floating in a cloud of polka dotted fabric that seemed to defy gravity, lighter than air. it was cut so sweetly, so femininely I wanted to trot out of the tent wearing it myself and go dancing.

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