sketches from last night

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A few sketches from illustrating for Coye Nokes last night. We met at Coye's bright and airy studio above Chelsea Market for prosecco and shoe sampling. Her friends each got to choose a pair of shoes from her new collection to be sketched in. Fun, right? Coye's new spring '13 collection of shoes is beautiful, lots of feminine heels in bright corals and turquoise. These striped ones above were a personal favorite of mine too. You'll notice I posed all the girls the same way, that definitely helped me speed along! I've started getting lots of requests for live illustration events lately and questions about how fast I can whip up one of my girls. And of course friends and family have been asking me for years "how long it takes"... after last night I now finally know, if I have to I can draw one of these girls in about 10 minutes. Did I mention that Coye and I are both W&L graduates? It was cool to meet another female entrepreneur alum and watch her in action with her friends and coworkers celebrating her beautiful collection. Oh and her lovely interns are current W&L students! Generals love! I felt so proud to be part of this smart, creative group of women last night.

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