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Article: Devotion




I'm feeling very end-of-summer camp this morning. Fall is creeping into the air in NYC and I just got back from a weekend of swimming in a lake and dancing out under the stars in a field with all my friends at a beautiful wedding. Above is a painting of the bride, Lily and her darling flower girl who everyone affectionately calls "ya ya"

The wedding took place at a gorgeous farm called Devotion. How perfect is that for a wedding venue name? The lake was my favorite part, and also the painting used for the Save The Date for the weekend:

  Saying goodbye to the bride and groom and their friends and family at the end of the weekend was just like the end of camp - a glamorous, grown up camp. The feeling is definitely a little bit melancholy but tempered by that crisp anticipation that only fall can generate. Especially in NYC. Everything feels shiny and new again in September here. I suddenly really want a dramatic new hair cut and to switch back to hot coffees in the morning. These are the two things that signal the start of the new season to me most of all. What starts the fall for you?

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So I took a little time this week to see what is happening on the internet. Because, after all, if I expect people to come find out what is happening on my blog, it only seems fair that I find out ...

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 So I have decided the official theme for this week is bridal. I'm moving into my studio and don't have time to sketch up new blog posts, so I figured, who doesn't love brides? So... I will share a...

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