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Article: casting call


casting call

NYFW is right around the corner and this means model casting is in full swing right now. All week I've felt very miniature riding the elevator on my way up to my studio next to this seemingly different species as they head into castings being held in my building.

It is especially entertaining when more than one is in the elevator with me at the same time. They rarely acknowledge each other which drives me nuts. I want to blurt out "So you all are tall, huh?" or something like that. The competitive, silent tension is almost painful for me to witness. Sometimes they even plop down in the middle of the elevator right next to me, like this is a dressing room that happens to propel upward, and start putting on stilettos. And still, no one says anything. Kills me.

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fall 2012


 It's getting to be that time of year again. Time for lady-like trends to push maxi dresses and nautical stripes aside. Bring on the shiny, furry and the pleated. Let the wild cardiganing begin, in...

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2012 Calendar


Happy September! Time to turn the calendar page!

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