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Article: happy november

2012 Calendar

happy november

It's time to change the calendar! A new month has arrived bringing with it the promise of electricity in the next 48 hours for the refugees of lower manhattan and the start of a new holiday season (which we can confirm has actually begun officially by the release of holiday starbucks cups this morning)

I've never been so glad to change the calendar as I am today. October was a frenzy of too much work, too much play and not nearly enough electricity. Here's hoping November will be a little more balanced.

Judging by the beautiful morning I woke up to, we're off on the right foot!


Yes, that is my view this morning. When I evacuate, I evacuate in style. Perfect view to glance up at while I paint. My gracious friends may never get rid of me even if the power does come back on.

In case you weren't up to speed on my current life situation (I've sent whiny emails to pretty much everyone already), my home and my studio have been without power since Monday and I have been trudging through the city on foot with my painting supplies on my back in search of still-functioning apartments to weasel my way into.

I've made out like a bandit so far on my upper-east-side-hand-out plan, managing to spend the last two nights in two of the most glorious apartments I know. Thank you, dear, supportive, UES friends for taking care of me. I couldn't do it without your internet connectivity, homeland on demand and kiehls products.

Although, even given my park view and general luxuriousness of my refugee scenario, it is still upsetting. I am managing to feel displaced and stressed even though I really have no excuse to. So my anxious heart goes out to everyone who really actually is facing real loss right now.

I am mad, on your behalf, at everyone who is still instagramming their lattes and their intricately carved pumpkins displaying their monograms while you try to rebuild your destroyed homes. They really should have shut down instagram until this whole thing blew over.

Nothing makes you feel more desolate when you are walking through the rain and wind, 80 blocks north to find a place to plug in your phone, than opening your instagram app and seeing that The Blonde Salad is frolicking on a beach in Mykonos carrying four Celine bags on each arm.

Anyway, here's to November first's clean slate and clear skies!

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