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Article: Chintz & Swagger

chintz & swagger

Chintz & Swagger

Is there anything more idealized than the idea of strolling down the streets of the west village? The answer is no. Especially when that daydream is set to the tune of watercolor illustration.

If I had a dollar for every girl I've met here who said "well I first knew I wanted to move to NYC when I visited and my friends took me to brunch in the west village"... I'd be rich.

and if I had another dollar for every girl who said "and then I moved here and ended up in a fifth floor walk up on avenue B"...I'd be much richer.


When Colleen of Chintz & Swagger approached me to create this scene, I knew I had to take on the challenge.

I mean, it's the perfect storm of a commission request. Puppy, check. Cute store front with leopard Louis XIV chairs, check, passing taxi, check. Pretty blonde interior decorator, check!

Be sure to visit Colleen's new website, featuring my illustration and her lovely design aesthetic.

And while you're browsing, you should also visit the Layla Grayce Backroom to see my newest monthly installation. (pictured below)


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