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Article: boys



It's Valentine's Day. Let's talk about boys!!! What is the perfect man? Is there a recipe for success? (Aside from being Thomas Crown?)

Mindy Kaling's new book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" features a chapter on a Guide to Being a Datable  Guy. I haven't bought or read this book yet, but a friend of mine did read it aloud to me over thai food and as far as blogging is concerned, that is solid and trustworthy fact gathering.

So. According to Mindy the key to success at being a man involves having a signature drink, owning two pairs of shoes and being the last person off the elevator. All good ideas, for sure, but this sparked a conversation about all the things we require a dateable man to be good at/possess.

SO. Keeping in mind that we love Mindy, her list is her perspective, it is a guide to being "datable" not "perfect" and that all of this goes out the window the minute you fall in love with someones quirks... we still enjoyed picking it apart.

For example, a signature drink. That seems a bit one-trick-pony, doesn't it? And two pairs of shoes sounds very limiting, even for a man. And I think I'd definitely add knowing exactly where he wants to take you to dinner. Nothing worse than the "you choose" "no, you choose!" conversation.

What else... he should be quietly good at everything. When the unexpected happens he just handles it and acts like it was no big deal. So even if sailing/starting SOS fires/repairing broken door hinges/saving puppies lives aren't things he has to do every day, he should know how to  do them with ease.

What do you think? What would you add? Off shore accounts and family crests? Hand holding? The good news is no one man will never live up to this list so it can't hurt to go overboard.








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