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Article: the LIST collective

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the LIST collective

If you follow me on instagram then you already know how much I love a good list. List making is in my DNA, I inherited the list gene from my mother. Not only is it the best organizational tactic around, but I happen to think lists make for pretty good reading. I think of them as informative poetry.

If you share this sentiment, you are in luck! Thanks to founder Elaine Brooks, you can read so many amazing lists on the list collective created by various design and creative types from around the country, including one by me!

I featured some of my favorite internet finds in my list including Society Social, Design Darling, and Loren Hope and also listed some of my favorite spots in my neighborhood, the good old East Village. You can also dig deeper and learn a little bit more about me on the Behind The List Q&A.

Thank you, Elaine, for the opportunity to create a little informative poetry and for such a fun way to share it!


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