BFF's: Stuart Weitzman, Beyonce and me

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I thought getting engaged was the best day of my life. But this might have just topped it. I am now officially connected to Beyonce by one degree of separation. Previously the connection was more like 6 million degrees. So this jump is pretty significant for me and Bey's friendship. Hey girllll!!!!!!!

The Stuart Weitzman team commissioned me to create this illustration of their new designs. They eluded to the fact that they were for a celebrity collaboration but they didn't tell me which celeb would be wearing them. Don't worry, I forgive them. The surprise of finding this on WWD was WONDERFUL.

Here's the official press release deets...

NEW YORK – Stuart Weitzman and Beyoncé’s creative team have designed the footwear for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. This is a continuation of their collaboration following Weitzman’s creation of the shoes for Beyoncé’s last two tours, The Beyoncé Experience and I Am...Tour, as well as multiple special performances.

Beyoncé’s stylists, Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith, and fashion designer Tina Knowles collaborated with Weitzman to create footwear that will compliment the multiple costumes to be worn in The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The shoe designs range from stiletto pumps, with Swarovski crystal details, to lace up, military-influenced boots, both short and thigh-highWeitzman also created styles to be worn by her dancers and band members.

Do we think it's too soon to ask Beyonce to sing at my wedding? Maybe I should just start by asking if Blue Ivy would be a flower girl... 

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