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Article: Rack It Up

ali and bri

Rack It Up

Meet Ali and Bri of Rack It Up! This is their new blog header illo and part of the branding I helped them with for their new online sale-alert based website that helps you create a virtual closet of everything you've got your eye on purchasing. Cool right?

If you become a member you can browse various sales and even add the Rack It Up button to your favorites bar to pull items from other sites to keep tabs on. Your virtual closet will keep tabs on these items and let you know when they become affordable. And extra fun - you can follow the closets of other members - like me! Social and thrifty, isn't that wonderful?

So go join up so you can see all the things I  can't afford so we can commiserate about how unfair life is at full price.

And congrats to Bri and Ali for unveiling their new site!


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