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Article: emily maynard + towne & reese + inslee sketches


emily maynard + towne & reese + inslee sketches

Hello! Introducing my sketches for  Emily Maynard Jewelry! Emily, the former bachelorette star, has become a lifestyle and fashion presence since her TV fame and is now designing jewelry in partnership with Towne & Reese. Her website, featuring my illustrations and her fashion and beauty tips along with new jewelry collection launches today!  Be sure to visit her new site to see more of my illustrations and to see her lovely new collection.

Congratulations, Emily!

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2013 calendar

July 2013

I can't believe it's calendar changing day yet again. I barely had a chance to get to know June! This summer is flying by. July is here, rocking one of my favorite combinations - sweaters and bikin...

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The Sketch Book

Roman Memory

 Exciting news, the 2014 calendar is D.O.N.E.Every year calendar-creating time is a time of creative evolution and a lot of me telling everyone how stressed I am. I'm glad it's over and I can resum...

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