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Article: Erika's Girls


Erika's Girls

Meet Erika's bridesmaids, I sketched each of these lovely ladies for her to give them to thank them for being a part of her wedding. Aren't they fabulous, each with very unique style and personality?

Erika was such a fun bride. She made a pinterest board for me to showcase each girl's sense of style and matched it with "dream outfits" to sketch them in. It was like playing dress up. We even turned each sketch into stationery...


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The Sketch Book

Roman Memory

 Exciting news, the 2014 calendar is D.O.N.E.Every year calendar-creating time is a time of creative evolution and a lot of me telling everyone how stressed I am. I'm glad it's over and I can resum...

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we scream for ice cream

 Petit fours vs. dessert crepes? Carrot cake or caramel cake?These are the difficult decisions I am faced with as next May 17th approaches. I am just returning from a wild weekend of planning for t...

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