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Article: wedding dress shopping


wedding dress shopping

disclaimer: this is most definitely not a sketch of my wedding dress so don't get too excited!

So... I've been trying on wedding gowns since April, stalking wedding gown designers websites since I learned how to work the internet, and thinking about wedding gowns since my birth in 1986, so this is a very big announcement for me to make:

Yesterday, at approximately 11 am, August 16th, a sunny Friday afternoon in Flatiron, the quest finally ended in victory. I found my dress!

A day that shall live on forever in elation! I think I will mark this anniversary as heavily as my birthday or Christmas. It was a big deal.

My friends and family can attest to this - I change clothes at least 5 times every time I do anything. Getting dressed is a big decision every day of the year. My process involves multiple, quickly evolving wardrobe switches, usually ending just moments before I am finally dragged out the door to the event (that I am now late to).

So, it only was fitting that in order for me to find my wedding gown - arguably the most important sartorial decision of my life - I needed to try on roughly 400 times the number of outfits I try on for a regular event.

I sound awful, don't I?

But it is the truth, finding a wedding dress was my personal quest for the holy grail. I must have tried on close to 100 dresses. I'm not kidding. It is kind of embarrassing. But like I said, I do not take getting dressed lightly.

But boy was it worth it! The moment that final dress zipped up and I saw my reflection and knew I was done, the universe shifted slightly on it's axis, the grinch's heart grew 5 more sizes and I'm fairly certain we got a step closer to world peace. A woman walked passed the bridal department and remarked that she'd never seen a bride jumping up and down in her wedding dress, in unison with her mother before. It's a pity we don't have a video of that...

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