much like my would-be time in a marathon, this post is a little late

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I realize the NYC marathon is old news now. It's practically too late to post about Thanksgiving. I should be preparing my top 10 favorite spring trends.

But, better late than never! This perky little lady was commissioned by the fabulous and famous-getting-famouser designer, Katie Schloss of Three Jane NYC. Katie's map necklaces are popping up all over the place on celebrity necks. I'm so honored to be her official illustrator! She asked me to create a "map girl" to represent how this necklace would be a great gift for a marathon runner. What a perfect way to keep that special city you ran in forever close to your heart.

Did you like my post title? Really though, sometimes I wonder to myself what my time would be in a marathon. And once I finish crying uncontrollably, I decide I will never run a marathon. The hospital bill after the race would not be worth it. To all you runners out there, I salute you. You are amazing. Buy a map necklace!

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