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Article: It's May, it's May! It's time to get married!

The Sketch Book

It's May, it's May! It's time to get married!


The wedding month has arrived! I know you all have been counting  down the days along with me, right?

This is an illustration of me, (after my shin-elongation surgery and skin grafting to become permanently tan) on my honeymoon. Just kidding. I wouldn't ride a vespa without a helmet.

This isn't any one in particular - it's everyone, anywhere, who ever loved springtime and vespas and mixing high-waisted silk, party pants with vintage scarves and navy and white stripes in the crisp, new sun.

But - to answer your burning question, yes, we are going on a honeymoon! And yes, I hope to channel this fierce vixen's joie de vivre while my new husband and I are galavanting around the island nation of Corsica in our Fiat 500 which we do not yet know how to drive. That's right, in 18 days, my betrothed and I shall set forth for a land in which they do not have automatic transmissions and neither of us can drive stick. Stay tuned for developments on that front.... and Happy May!

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Easter Bonnets

Have a happy weekend in your Easter Bonnets, everyone!!

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Out Of Office

Please enjoy this sweet little scene of a perfect spring day in NYC while I excuse myself for a casual TWO WEEKS to get married and go to Corsica! Consider this my official Out-Of-Office notice, I ...

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