Fall in New York: The September '14 Calendar Girl Story

Inslee Calendar



A new month, a fresh new start to the next season with a fresh new sketch in the city that's best in the fall. 

I sketched this girl with the lithe beauty of Karlie Kloss in mind. I was imagining she was just hailing a cab somewhere cute, like on the corner of Mott and Prince. 

And wouldn't you know it - now that I live in Nolita - I see Karlie on the corner of Mott and Prince all the time. We're practically BFF-regulars together at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

What can I say, life in Nolita is like living in an illustration. It couldn't be cuter. Especially as the tree lined streets become gold and red and orange leaf lined streets this time of year. 


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