Attention babies! This is your time. Your first Christmas. Or maybe your second, either way, you are the star of the show and you're about to get A LOT of presents. Might I suggest one that is both functional and beautiful.... two adjectives you are at least six months away from comprehending. Don't worry, you'll get there. 

From the concrete jungle to the jungle of the imagination, I bring you Mullins' Numbers.

Mullins is a very well fed and pensive young three month year old who I happen to be very fond of. He asked me to help him learn to count - because there's nothing like getting a head start on the other 3mo year olds with a little counting action - and we came up with this Animal Number series. One elephant, two lions, three giraffes, four leopards and five foxes. 

Mullins will be keeping the original works for his private art collection (which is already extensive). However, because Mullins and I endorse all newborns embracing counting early on, and also because we endorse the entire the animal kingdom wholeheartedly, we have decided to offer this series as prints

Now you and your parent (who will undoubtedly be making this purchase) can also explore counting and animal life with gurgles and ambiguous sounds of joy this holiday season and beyond as you enjoy these prints, framed or unframed, as a part of your nursery gallery wall.

Nurse on, young rockstars, and remember, a baby is only as strong as it's private art collection. 



Editors note: Attention adults who love animals but do not have child art collectors on the premises! These prints are not just for kids! Their delicate realism of form and attention to light and color elevate these pieces to a refined and mature level worthy of your non-nursery-wall too. 

So don't slam your lap top shut and think I can't have those prints, I don't have a baby! First the lady at Bed Bath & Beyond looked at me weird when I tried to buy a pregnancy pillow just for fun, and now this!! What next? 

Au contrere mon frère, my animals don't discriminate based on age or quantity of your offspring. 


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