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Article: march calendar girls - worlds collide

2015 calendar

march calendar girls - worlds collide


Ok, it's time to set the record straight.

Because I know you're all tied up in knots trying to figure out what I'm doing with the whole Daphne thing. Is she real? Is she not real? Do I have multiple personality disorder? Should you be worried?

Relax, I'll explain everything. 

You could say Daphne, or The Other Girl, has always been a part of my imagination. Starting when I was a very little girl I often blamed "The Other Girl" for my wrong doings to get out of trouble. My supportive mother did not get me screened for Schizophrenia but instead played along with it tactfully helping me to agree with her that what Daphne had done was definitely wrong and we both knew she was sorry. 

Daphne left me as I grew up. The world so often steals our sense of carefree adventure from us as we grow. The struggles of being a tightly wound, deeply pensive, cautious little girl led me on a path away from Daphne's free spirit. I truly never thought we'd meet again.

Until I created the 2015 calendar and lo and behold, there she was, in the illustrated flesh, in the March composition. Walking her Doxie with her dear friend Brigitte through the 6th arrondissement.

Yes, I'll admit that she is inspired by a romanticized idea of myself, she looks like me in that she is a brunette, but everything else about her is perfected by the magic of fashion illustration. She's a version of myself, a taller, better dressed figment of my imagination that never has to think about things like taxes or laundry or changing the Brita water filter.

She is my creative spirit unburdened by the shortcomings of reality, she is adventure. I knew when I found her I had to explore where she'd been and where she was going and share her with you. 

So, without further ado, I give you An Interview With Daphne, The Other Girl... 

Name: Daphne Dietrich

Dog's name: Much like Cat, the cat in Breakfast at Tiffanies, my doxie goes by Doxie. 

Occupation: Style influencer, world traveler, writer of poetry on cafe napkins, sampler of gelato, impromptu dancer in rainstorms barefoot in summer, lover of the Doxie

Ok, stop. if you had to have are occupation what would it be? Art thief. 

City: New York City. But today I'm in Paris to see the fall collections debut and to meet with my hat maker. I'll be here for quite a while, until my next birthday. I like to celebrate my birthday each year in Paris because Parisian women age so gracefully. 

Tea or Coffee: Espresso, unless, of course, I'm invited to tea with Wills and Kate, in which case I love tea. Kate is always pregnant, so she can never have coffee. It's so boring. 

Favorite Season: Summer, really is there any other answer? When else can you sunbathe naked on a catamaran?

Favorite scent: My personal perfume maker, Wes Anderson, creates a blend of lavender and sea salt that is perfect in it's simplicity. It doesn't have a name. He ships it to me bottled in small crystal flasks on the first day of spring each year. 

Style Icon: Oh please. Next question.

Favorite beauty essential: I apply Rodin olio lusso nightly to my entire body. I also apply it to the Doxie's coat. She loves it. 

Last meal: Do you mean like on death row? Or the last thing I ate? Oh well, either way, it's a bottle of rosé and one perfect truffle. 

Most prized possession: the Victory at Samothrace's head. It's been in my family for years. 

Favorite flower: peach colored dahlias and white amaryllis. Ernest used to send these to my grandmother. He was in love with her for years but she was married to a prince. 

Favorite weekend activity:  I can be found at my private standing reservation at Dirty French where I pose for famous artists to capture my cheekbone structure while drinking juniper martinis. 

What do you collect: Lamp finials, original Cezanne works on paper, ball skirts

Small pleasure: throwing on a classic burberry trench, some Pigalles and nothing else to run out to grab fresh croissants. What? You don't do that? Sorry, I've got to run. Brigitte and i are meeting Karlie and Taylor for drinks. 

xo Daphne






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