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Article: June 2015: drink rosemary vodka, do the splits

2015 Calendar

June 2015: drink rosemary vodka, do the splits

Meet Clementine, the June Calendar Girl.

Clementine maintains a perfect complexion, utterly unmarred by the harsh rays of the sun. She's rarely caught before sundown without one of her signature hats.

How does she keep a healthy glow in her cheeks without any sun exposure? Why vitamin C of course! Clementine has never met a juice she didn't love, especially pink grapefruit juice. 

Clementine's thoughts for enjoying the month of June: 

  • wear as much white crochet as you can. also scalloped clothing. 
  • get caught in a summer rainstorm without an umbrella and don't panic, enjoy it.
  • make DIY rosemary infused vodka (i.e. stick a bunch of rosemary into a bottle of vodka) and drink it with watermelon juice
  • travel somewhere exotic, preferably Saint Martin and pack only a suitcase filled with rosé and a classic white tank-style one piece with a plunging back
  • practice doing the splits every day. who knows, one day you might just nail it. 

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