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Article: When in Posi...


When in Posi...

Hello mes amis! C'est moi, Daphne! Or should I say buongiorno principessa?! 

Inslee wrote that wistful blog post about that ONE TIME she went to Amalfi. #ROFL I swear she's been this dramatic since we were two. 

Anyway, I'm back. I'm spending yet another long, lazy summer in Positano. Holed up in the quaint little Le Sireneuse. Isn't it so nice when a hotel is both affordable and luxurious? 

My dear dearest, Martha, has joined me for the weekend. But because she isn't entirely sure when the weekend begins/ends, she arrived today. We're lunching on the balcony on a first course of prosecco, to be followed by a crisp Ligurian white and all washed down with a quick limoncello before it's time to jump in the ocean.

When in Posi, Marth and I are all about sun safety. So we're wisely sheltered beneath Eugenia Kim feather-rimmed fedoras. We're also all about channeling our inner Italian Goddess. Which means, bearing as much shoulder/clavicle as possible. I think we've nailed that between the tunic-du-jour from Tibi and the daring maxi by Adriana Degreas. And of course, a ferocious Zimmerman gladiator sandal really takes you right back to those super sexy fights to the death in the Roman Forum, n'est pas? 

Where's Doxie today?, you ask... why she's already down sun baithing on the rocks, of course. Doxie takes to Positano like parmigiano to an orecchiette, like pomodoro to bruschetta. She just fits right in with her shiny black fur already looking like she's been drenched in lemony olive oil, ready to luxuriate under that delicious tuscan sun.

She has a bit of a boyfriend these days too. Don't tell her I told you, but she met the most charming long haired standard named Fabrizio outside the fish market yesterday. They were both licking bits of fish gut off the cobblestones when their noses met. Thank goodness I have Martha here to entertain me because all I've heard out of Doxie since is "Fabrizio this, Fabrizio that..." 

Cheers dears, we're off to search for gelato!

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