I find joy in painting the world I see around me. My brush brings whimsical lightness into everything I put down on paper (or canvas).
I see inspiration everywhere - from the fashion flitting past as I am crossing 7th Avenue to the overgrown flowers exploding from the window boxes of the brownstones of the West Village to the monkeys blinking back at my son and me as we wander through the tropical zone of The Central Park Zoo. It is all waiting to be painted. I often feel giddy, dizzy, overwhelmed by all that there is to paint.
As you may have gathered, I live and work in Manhattan. A place that has challenged, thwarted, befuddled, strengthened, enlightened, bewitched and endlessly inspired me. 
For the past decade I've worked with wonderful clients - both private individual commissions and for large companies. Each day offers up unexpected new opportunities for creativity. It is truly a joy to start each new day with a blank piece of paper. 
Contact me to visit my studio in Manhattan's West Village or to discuss a new project, I can't wait to hear what you have in store for me!