Tank tops for everyone!

The Sketch Book

So... first, I would like to apologize. I got several concerned emails from friends asking me why I am so opposed to tank tops and admitting sheepishly that they had worn them. So I am sorry to have been so bossy! What do I know anyway?

And second, I have been a lazy blogger lately with all these commission posts, but spring has blown in with a frenzy of projects that require my constant devotion. So until I have the time I've been daydreaming about to draw for myself, I thought I'd at least share with you one of my projects I've done for a client. I just did this watercolor for The Magic Wardrobe's spring window display. Charming, yes? Ok, I promise, absolutely promise that the next time I post it will be fashion illustration!... does this post sound like English is my second language? I've been thinking in a foreign accent all day long.

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