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Article: Have you been pinched yet?

gladiator sandals

Have you been pinched yet?

In honor of St. Patricks day, I thought I'd draw a ginger. In fact, this is more than likely my first ginger ever. What do you think? Also, I am warming up to the bizarre footwear trends that are popping up everywhere. Even these Proenza Schouler wedges which I would have been terrified of a year ago. Isn't it funny how perspective shifts as things like gladiator sandals eventually wear you down and beat you into submission?

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The Sketch Book

Tank tops for everyone!

So... first, I would like to apologize. I got several concerned emails from friends asking me why I am so opposed to tank tops and admitting sheepishly that they had worn them. So I am sorry to hav...

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denim done right

Day after day, I don't unsubscribe from Rachel Zoe's daily newsletter. I don't know why as it almost always irritates me. The things she suggests are usually about $2,000 out of my price range and ...

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