The unbearable wetness of being

balloons celebrities cold weather fedora hipster lace The Sketch Book winter white

This has got to be the most rain I've ever seen. Everything is utterly waterlogged and I'm weary of all the gloom. It has me thinking about just how much I really do not like wetness. My whole life I've been much more put off by situations of moisture than any one else I've ever met and do not get me started on wet towels. Dry, clean towels are next to, if not beyond godliness. But anyway, it also has me thinking about cold weather clothes... Although, I'm pretty sure that wherever this busy hipster might be storming around in leather thigh high boots and a fedora its not actually cold or rainy. That is one of my favorite things about celebrities/hipsters.... their clothing choices are not governed by weather like it is for the rest of us. The richer they are, the more outerwear they need at all times regardless of temperature. Genius. She seems pretty rainy day appropriate too. (Sulking despite the enormous bouquet of balloons and the ability to pull off winter white wide leg trousers) This little grump also can't get her act together despite wearing an amazing lace shift. So I thought I'd add her to the montage. Shes another discarded potential February. Suchhhh a disagreeable month.

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