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Article: Loosen up


Loosen up

So I'm experimenting with this new paper called YUPO. Its totally smooth, feels like plastic. Wild. I went in to buy my usual heavy weight cold press strathmore and there it was this bizarre plastic paper with absolutely no absorbent qualities claiming to be perfect for water color techniques and four times as expensive as everything else. When I asked the utrechts helper guy what this crazy paper was he could barely compose himself enough to explain over the excessive gesticulations and sighs of delight. "It like totally blends... its all on the surface but it complements in like.... layers of splash" I believe was the general gist. That is my first attempt at using it above. It was sort of weird and floaty. Like... driving a prius. So I am going to continue to experiment and see how loose my drawing can get. I want to be able to work like this.... And not worry about the fact that sometimes they only have one arm. No problem. That illustration is from Fashion Illustrations by Fashion Designers - amazing book showcasing the outlandish drawings of the big name designers trying to articulate their ideas for their lines. Sorry this is pretty long winded. I could talk about paper all day.

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The unbearable wetness of being

This has got to be the most rain I've ever seen. Everything is utterly waterlogged and I'm weary of all the gloom. It has me thinking about just how much I really do not like wetness. My whole life...

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The Sketch Book

Strutting in Yellow

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