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Article: Fashion Illustrator's Night Out


Fashion Illustrator's Night Out

So I'm sure you've already heard plenty about Fashion's Night Out by now, but I thought this was too cool not to mention. Better late than never right? Flash back many many summers to when I was 14...I packed up my bags and headed off to summer arts camp to study ballet. I became fast friends with my bunk mate, Katie Rogers who was there to play the cello. Little did we know that ten years later we'd both be fashion illustrators! Today Katie is the wonderful artist behind the PAPERFASHION blog. Katie spent last Friday night as a visiting illustrator at Fashion's Night Out at Coach in New York City painting and drawing on their bags. How amazing is that!? I am so impressed by how well her style of working translated into bag art. I can hardly imagine working with cameras and lots of eyes on me while drawing on a totally new surface. Katie is truly talented and as you can see, I'm pretty proud to say we once shared a rickety old bunk up in Michigan!

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eternity scarf

From here to eternity...scarf

Today was one of those days that never let me catch my breath. I felt like as soon as I finished scrambling to put out one fire, another had popped up. It must be Monday. So I'm glad I got a mome...

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The Sketch Book

Sitting Pretty

Happy Friday! some more practice with the crazy yupo paper. sooo slippery! Alright, I'm off to New York. I hope the weekend is splendid for you all!

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