From here to eternity...scarf

eternity scarf Louboutin boots over the knee boots The Sketch Book water color

Today was one of those days that never let me catch my breath. I felt like as soon as I finished scrambling to put out one fire, another had popped up. It must be Monday. So I'm glad I got a moment at the end of the day to stop admire the way the sky is crystal clear and fall-ish but still warm at sunset and draw. I actually realized that with the redesign of the website and the rush to finish the calendar and several other big projects that I hadn't actually picked up a pencil in a week! Its good to be back! This illustration was inspired by a photograph that I can't find now - typical. But I loved the pose and the cool over the knee Louboutin boots. The eternity scarf was something I threw in because I love them. shop for this print!

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