The Sketch Book — 2011 Calendar

happy may

2011 Calendar Inslee May The Sketch Book watercolor

Time to change the calendar again! Does anyone know the designer of this gorgeous gown? I had the website saved forever and of course lost it just in time for me to post this. typical. This dress is designed by the talented, Joe Challita!

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2011 Calendar Christmas December Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

Happy December! Can't believe this is the last month of the 2011 Calendar, where has the time gone!? I'm not kidding at 12:01 last night christmas songs burst into my head. I just LOVE this month! ps. this is a good moment for a 2012 Calendar plug... its back in stock!

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2011 Calendar Inslee By Design olivia palermo The Sketch Book

Happy November! This illustration was inspired by a beautiful shot of Olivia Palermo. But then again, every picture of her is a beautiful one. Sometimes its hard to look a year into the future when I'm illustrating the calendar, but I think this one worked out rather well. Everywhere I look, I see capes these days!

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Happy February

2011 Calendar Calendar February Inslee By Design News and Events otk boots spring travel winter

Yipeeeee time to change your calendar again! Last year I started off February by telling everyone how I don't like the month in general. and I am here today to say... February, I'm sorry. I was being closed-minded and judgmental. You really aren't so bad. I mean, what is so bad about one last month of the depths of winter to make sure you got proper use out of your furry black hats and awesome heeled boots? And if it were all hot and sunny out, girlfriend above wouldn't have needed to travel with her entire fleet of suitcases. Any...

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10, 9, 8, 7....

2011 Calendar new years eve The Sketch Book

So if your anything like me and my friends, you've spent a pretty hefty amount of this week grievously discussing serious serious issues. issues like what kind of tights are you wearing? is it lame to wear flats to a party? is renting the runway dangerous? these are the issues that shape the week before new years eve. its all so silly but these things must be  decided and it is best if they are decided in unison with your team of advisers. anyway, good luck deciding if you are going to curl your hair or not. (i haven't decided...

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