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Dark & Stormy

bar cart barcart dark and stormy Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes Inslee Illustration sedgewick society social The Sketch Book

 It's been a dark and stormy spring in New York... and seemingly everywhere else, seeing as every time I turn on the news there's report of another record storm "capable of spawning tornadoes" as the describes them. I'm now terrified for my life, the safety rest of the country and for the farmers almanac predictions for my wedding (admittedly, not necessarily in that order)But meteorological fears aside, can we take a moment on this busy Monday afternoon to think about a different kind of dark & stormy? The kind that comes in a highball glass or perhaps a copper...

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suitcase secrets

Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes Inslee Illustration rachel suitcase secrets The Sketch Book travel

 Meet Rachel of Suitcase Secrets! Rachel blogs about staying chic, no matter where her travels take her. I was so happy to meet Rachel and to sketch her blog header because I love a woman who respects the adventure of travel by dressing nicely. And I respect a woman who even wants to look chic in her blog header. As I always say, when you look good, it happens to make the adventure all the more fun... both on the road and on the web.Speaking of travel, there's been lots and lots of talk lately of where a honeymoon might take...

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pleats please

Inslee By Design Inslee Illustration spring super bowl The Sketch Book

I'm looking forward to wearing accordion pleats this spring. (ahhh I just had to read that sentence and laugh at myself a little bit. fashion blogging really is so ridiculous, isn't it?) Anyway, loving the tiny pleats and looking forward to  finding a floaty skirt like this one. And added bonus, these skirts are a built in weight management system. Because, even though they are made up of hundreds of tiny folds that are capable of spreading out into a larger skirt, there is nothing worse than accordion pleats that are well... accordion-ing. They must lie flat and neatly tucked...

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mid winter LWD

Blonde Salad Chiara fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Illustration The Sketch Book

It's freezing in new york and we are lost somewhere in the middle of January. This means the end of chic for me. Winter has been here for weeks and appears to be here for the rest of eternity. I do not care if you think I look homeless wearing mens sweatpants over my jeans and clutching handwarmers. I just dont care. Get me inside. So when I stumbled upon this refreshingly inspired way to wear a LWD (little white dress) I knew I had to sketch it. I feel warmer already just seeing this outfit. Spring will come after...

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Birthday sketch Inslee By Design Inslee Illustration The Sketch Book

three birthday girls today! well one is a bit belated... Margaret, above, is one of the most talented artists I know. She can paint like there's no tomorrow. She also has this beautiful, vintage, iconic presence. Shes a breath of fresh air with her bright red lips and bizarre, thoughtful musings and her occasional lapses into a British accent. Wishing you a divine belated birthday, darling! And here is Danielle! Danielle and I have been celebrating eachother's birthdays since we were five years old, we go waaay back. Back in the day, Danielle delighted in the fact that her birthday...

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