The Sketch Book — New York

Daphne on Instagram, wearing Loren Hope

daphne loren hope New York nolita

Alert. Daphne is on Instagram. And wearing all of Loren Hope's new collection on one arm in Cafe Gitane while snapping pictures of latte art. And is that a 6 carat canary diamond engagement ring? Of course it is. Oh Daphne. 

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daphne in turks & caicos

daphne New York NYFW

If you follow my adventure on instagram, then you know I had an absolute field day posting pictures with reckless abandon of my trip to Turks and Caicos in January, and just seeing how jealous I could make everyone back home.  My studio mates and I packed up and headed out to the sunny shores of T&C for a long weekend to reflect upon and strategize how to grow our brands. Or, in other words, spend a lot of time lounging at a swim-up bar in the ocean-front infinity pool taste testing the subtle differences between a mojito and a pina colada.  While...

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kate spade fall 2015

Kate Spade New York NYFW

 Today I had the pleasure of escaping the studio to see the Kate Spade Fall 2015 Preview. Kate Spade knows the importance of beautiful clothing and accessories they design, but equally significant - they know the importance of creating a beautiful environment. Every season I've had the chance to see their new collection, I'm always struck by how transportive their "set design" is, how whatever mood they're hoping to create is perfectly captured in the abundance of celebrated details. They are staging geniuses, I tell you. This season is all about ***hold up, don't you just love sentences that start...

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City Child

Inslee Inslee By Design New York NYC Oscar de la Renta The Sketch Book

 How cute is this little munchkin wearing Oscar de la Renta?So... with my wedding mere weeks away I keep getting asked "are you going to stay in NYC after you're married?" and "are you going to have children in NYC?" And I find myself continually bewildered by this discussion. Right now, I just hope I can walk all the way down the aisle without fainting/tripping. I really have no idea what our future will look like once I get to the end of the aisle.But, these questions have made me more aware and observant of my life here in the city....

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the almighty cronut

croissant cronut Inslee Inslee By Design New York pastry snuggie The Sketch Book

 Have you heard of the cronut? I won't ask if you've tasted one, because apparently this is the pastry equivalent of asking if you regularly dine at the French Laundry. Apparently the bakery that coined the donut/croissant hybrid is right around the corner from my studio and apparently the lines to taste this "frankenpastry" are very long and start very early in the morning. People will get excited over anything, won't they?I personally am opposed. Granted, I haven't tried one so maybe I'd change my tune after eating one. But, from a purely analytical perspective, it's offensive in the way that snuggies...

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