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this ones for you karin

Christian Louboutin high heels louboutin Red Soles Shoes The Sketch Book

Karin, my most faithful and clever blog post commenter is also Monsieur Louboutin's most faithful devotee. These are for you babe. borderline creepy side note: I am wearing my ONLY pair of Louboutins right now. I had them sitting on my desk to get the proportions of the sketch accurate and it just felt right that I should wear them whilst composing this post. They're so beautiful, too bad they haven't left the house in a year. Sigh... these puppies need a more exciting life. Perhaps I'll take them on my adventure to NYC next weekend. Anyway. Sorry Loubster if...

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shoe hunting

avatar high heels stilettos The Sketch Book

i have a bone to pick with the world of shoes. i have searched high and low (pun intended) and have come to a realization that there are really only two options when it comes to heel height - STILETTO and FRUMPFLAT. and i am outraged. i demand a happy medium at once! the sky high heels that dazzle on the shelf are just not practical once you get them out onto your feet and into in real life scenarios.... between your stilettos, giant hair bump-it infused updo, shoulder padded blazer and over sized clutch you are seriously at risk...

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