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The Sketch Book

parachute skirt

fashion illustration

parachute skirt

a lime yellow parachute skirt i saw this morning floating down second ave. happy weekend!

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resolution to street sketch

So, it's June. And its time for a new resolution. This month, I'm going to resolve to post something on the blog every day. CRAZY, right? I'll never do it.... but I'm going to try. To make it ea...

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Inslee By Design

On the street... Seventh Avenue, New York

A post in the style of the Sartorialist. I saw this girl on 7th ave the other day and thought her outfit was intriguing. The simple fact that she picked out and wore each of these things togeth...

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bill cunningham

Elizabeth Street

Hello, happy Friday! Yesterday someone told me I sketch the way Bill Cunningham photographs. And I think it might be the best compliment in the world. So I promptly went out into the streets to...

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mad hatter

i loved this photo so much - it seemed like it was begging to be painted! isnt that hat delicious? if i had one hat only, i think that might be it. and with that dress its just good enough to eat...

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Fashion Week

personal flair

Thanks to the recent fashion week season and resulting beautiful street style imagery that has just hit the bloggosphere, my desk top is cluttered to the brim with images I've saved haphazardly o...

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garance dore

garance moment

A street style moment I saw recently on Garance Dore's site. Loved the hat. I am beginning to realize that I really need a fur hat. My head is freezing all the time. But even more, I need the c...

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